Countdown to the Conference:

DemandBridge Reimagined

Thank you for attending our first ever "Partner Conference"! We hope you enjoyed the "Reimagined" format as much as we did, and that you found the content useful and relevant to your business. As a valued partner, we'd love to know your thoughts on this year's conference. Please consider taking a moment to complete our brief survey to let us know how we did.

For your convenience, we've included the link to the conference page below so you can reference the schedule, breakout sessions, and speakers.

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1. DemandBridge has officially been reimagined—you received multiple email, direct mail, and social media communications centered around that theme leading up to the conference. What, if any information would have prompted you to sign up sooner or to register additional representatives from your organization? Did the conference meet your expectations based on the contents of those marketing materials?
2. For our first “Partner Conference”, we hosted technology partners from RedPoint Global, Microsoft, and InContext Solutions. Did you find the two general sessions to be engaging and relevant to your business? Feel free to offer any feedback about the speakers, format, etc.
3. What did you think of the “TED Talks” approach to the breakout session presentations as opposed to the traditional, classroom style format from prior conferences?
4. Our goal with the Help Desk/Office Hours was to give our customers the opportunity to meet with our staff one-on-one to talk about issues that were important to them. Did you feel that you had adequate access to our employees given the open-ended approach to the Help Desk/Office Hours? Would you have preferred a “by-appointment” structure?
5. Please provide any additional feedback on the conference style, content, venue, and/or location. What were your primary takeaways? What was your favorite part of the conference? What can we do better next time?

Thank you for joining us—keep in touch!


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